Teppanyaki Grill Cart Perfectly Suited For Home + Hospitality. Lots of Extra Storage Space. Ideal for Catering, Events, Pop Up Restaurants and more.
31-1/2" x 23-5/8" (80 cm x 60 cm) Teppanyaki Cook Top | Cart dimensions 59" x 35" x 37" H (150 x 88 x 94 cm H)
Custom sizes are possible upon request.
Cook-N-Dine cookndine
Mobile, Flexible, Customizable Front Cooking Teppan Grill Solutions
Elegant All-Stainless Presentation Carts with Teppanyaki Cook Top + Downdraft
Seamless "Shoebox Lid" type Tepanyaki Grill Cook Top:
Professional Food Grade German Stainless Steel
premium type 304 [V2A], easy to clean, silk-brushed finish.

Electrical Rating:
CND  120V | 1800W | 15 AMP
or     240V | 1800W | 8 AMP or ProStyle in 2250W | 10 AMP     
Custom-Built-to-size. Contact us for a specific quote.
Approximate lead time 8-12 weeks + transportation transit

This Cart Base was Made in Italy by
Example of a Custom-Made Grill Cart with Sleek Stainless Steel CDS-Design Gourmet Teppanyaki Grill Cook Top
Teppanyaki Style Grill Cooking,
Modular Cooling + Beverage Dispenser Service Stations
For All Locations, Indoors + Outdoors

Complete Prep- and Cooking Unit on Wheels
Perform Anywhere You Choose
CookMobil | BeerMobil | CoolMobil

Use the flexible teppanyaki grill units and serving carts
on your porch, patio, pool house, outdoor kitchen, in your motorhome, home kitchen, on the balcony or your deck.
The possibilities are endless...

All Cook-N-Dine® teppanyaki grills comply with the
"No open flame" limitations of condos, multi-family units, RV's, motorhomes and even yachts!

Serve fresh & healthy delights within minutes. . .
Up to 450°F (230°C) searing, flameless contact heat,
which is yet gentle enough to keep food warm and moist
at the same time.       

QUESTIONS? CALL 305.754.3176
MON - FRI 9:00 am - 6:00 PM EST
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view complete line of JOKO DOMUS artisan crafted carts and modular kitchens from Italy
Teppanyaki Grill Cart by CDS-Design + JOKO DOMUS, Italy.

Stainless steel + solid Hornbeam
includes full size pull-out work board by JOKO

CDS teppanyaki grill unit
Electric: 120V | 1800W | 15 AMP

Accessories not included.

Request Your
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teppanyaki grill by CDS-Design Munich, Germany - teppanyaki grill Einbau Kochflaechen - plancha teppanyaki japonesa - teppan yaki grill
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At first glance, the featured teppanyaki grill top is not apparent. 
The whole 304 stainless steel  top can be used to conveniently prep the ingredients on the spot.
Saves time eliminating running back and forth.Once plugged in, you turn the dial and the magice begins. 
Without having to deal with neither gas nor other inconvenient fuel options (SAVE!), the center heats up instantly (no major waiting time!).
When on, the center bows down up to 3/4" to keep all the delicious juices contained. 

Storage drawers allow to keep all tools of choice, spices, marinades and other ingredients handy.

Four heavy-duty casters (2 locking) provide for a steady, safe and convenient cooking station.The large storage compartment can house whatever you come up with, even a refridgerator if you wish.

36.2" x 24.4" x 33.5 work height
92 cm x 62 cm x 85 cm work height

23.5" x  15.75" | 60 cm x 40 cm

PRO-STYLE 2250 Watt
Patented "Shallow-Dip" Technology + Teppanyaki Grill Cook Top combined
up to 3/4" (20 mm) thus keeping the fine food juices from running off and to whip up into sauces      LEARN MORE