MODELS + SIZES | rectangular built-in teppanyaki grill plancha griddle

built-in teppanyaki grill
drop-in griddle plancha
All CND teppanyaki grills
feature a
of UP TO 3 inches
(~8 cm) surrounding the
HOT Cooking Center
similar to the "wok"
cooking principle.

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Re-Think Dinner. Ultra-Slim, Built-in Teppanyaki Grill Plancha Griddle Cook Top.
Stage Social Interactive Cooking At Home And Have Fun With It!

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The Cook-N-Dine
FLAT TOP PLANCHA doubles as EXTRA WORKSPACE or attractive warming area when not in use for cooking.

Re-invent cooking + entertaining and socialize while cooking teppanyaki style, including the cook or host. CND teppanyaki grills can be built into almost any type of solid counter or table surface, indoors and outdoors.

All Cook-N-Dine cooking appliances are manufactured from premium commercial, food-grade German stainless steel, best alloy, type 304 | V2A, solid 1/8"to 5/32" thick
(3 to 4 mm = 8-10 gauge).

Built-to-last with an elegant yet robust silk-brushed finish for easy cleaning and maintenance.

#MO-51: 20" x 15"

#MO-61: 24"x 18"

#MO-80: 31.5" x 23-5/8"


#MO-111:  44" L  x 24" W

#MO-171:  67" L  x 24" W

"Shallow Dip"


WHEN OFF,  the surface reverts back to be FLAT


Make sure to HAVE THE UNIT and ALL install sheets ON SITE ahead of time for countertop templating!

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teppanyaki grill by CDS-Design Munich, Germany - teppanyaki grill Einbau Kochflaechen - plancha teppanyaki japonesa - teppan yaki grill
Andy Nusser of Casa Mono in New York City uses a stainless-steel (teppanyaki) plancha griddle mounted over a two-drawer refrigerated base—to prepare many of the tapas on his menu. The refrigerated base provides quick access to prepped ingredients and makes the cooking setup compact and efficient.

The griddle is heated by three independently controlled burners. Nusser leaves the left one off, sets the center one on medium, and sets the right one on high, giving him an even temperature gradient essential for the wide range of dishes he cooks. "It's like having a bunch of different sauté pans always waiting for you. I can start a duck breast rendering on the cold side and finish it in a hotter place, or I can cook an order of razor clams superquick on the hot side. Every dish has an ideal spot left-to-right on the surface, and multiple orders can be arranged front-to-back," Nusser explains.

When Bobby Flay wanted a custom-designed plancha for his restaurant Bar Americain in New York City, he turned to kitchen designer Jerry Kouveras at Pascoe Jacobs and engineer George McMahon at MagiKitch'n. Flay wanted the high-heat capabilities of Spanish and French planchas, needed a thermostatically controlled system (so the temperature of the cooking surface wouldn't fluctuate with the quantity of food being cooked), and chose a reflective top for both its food-release properties and operator comfort.
To protect these expensive griddles, McMahon cautions against the use of abrasive cleaners and advises against banging on the surface with hard steel spatulas or knifes. Of his new toy, Flay says, "I can put a raw oyster on the plancha, get a great crust on it, get it off the plancha with no problem, and still have it be dead raw in the center. That's the kind of performance I'm looking for."

Adapted from an article by David Arnold "Men of La Plancha"